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Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку для старшеклассников "Famous people"

Дата публикации: 2019-01-22 14:45:02
Статью разместил(а):
Соколова Юлия Васильевна

Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку для старшеклассников «Famous people»

Автор: Соколова Юлия Васильевна

МБОУ "СОШ № 3", г. Моздок, РСО-Алания


- практическая: неформальной обстановке систематизировать и обобщить знания по теме «famous people»;

- образовательная: расширить кругозор учащихся, формировать у них интерес к культуре народа англоязычных стран и родной страны;

- воспитательная: создать положительную мотивацию к дальнейшему развитию языка;

- развивающая: совершенствовать память, воображение, внимание, логическое мышление.


Карты: карты Великобритании, США, Австралии и Новой Зеландии, флаги стран, книги, буклеты, портреты писателей и поэтов англоязычных стран,высказывания знаменитых людей, картинки с достопримечательностями, набор предметов для 4-го раунда, запись  для музыкального конкурса, записи для музыкального сопровождения, мультимедийные средства, призы и грамоты для победителей.

План игры

1. Вступительное слово ведущего.

2. Ознакомление с правилами игры, представление игроков и членов жюри.

3. Содержание игры.


1. Warming up – разминка

2. Famous people of  Russia.

3. Famous people of  Britain and the USA.

4. Tastes differ.

5. The musical Casket

6. Заключитльный раунд  – монолог  трёх игроков, набравших наибольшее количество баллов по теме “ famous people”

4. Подведение итогов игры.

5. Заключительное слово ведущего.

Между этапами игры можно вставить различные музыкальные номера на английскую тематику.


Ход игры

1. Вступительное слово ведущего.

Dear friends! I am very glad to see you today because our competition is devoted to famous people of Russia and English-speaking countries. We gather here several students of senior classes from different schools who will show us their knowledge on  this theme .That’s why you saw geographical maps of the countries , flags ,portraits of outstanding people , their books and their quotations.

I’m sure you’ll certainly do your best to be the winners today. I’d like you to get some more useful information as well.

2. Представление членов жюри ,ознакомление с правилами игры.

Let ,me introduce our participants. Will you stand up ,please! Let’s greet them. (applauses) Take your seats , please.

We’ll speak about famous politicians, historians ,poets and writers, musicians and other interesting people. Our game is similar to the game on TV – « Своя игра». We’ll have 6 rounds .The first is Warming Up. The second and the third rounds include 5 questions on different subjects about famous people .The 4-th round is “Tastes differ” and the 5-th round is “the Musical Casket”. At the end of our game we will listen to the monologues and find out the finalist. Our judges will help us to sum up all the points.

Let me introduce our respected judges. They are experienced teachers from different schools:…

3. Содержание игры. Раунды.

1) Let’s start our game/The first round is Warming Up .Give the answers about general information of English-speaking countries .You’ll get a star for a right answer .You must do it as fluently as possible. (вопросы в приложении)

Dear students, collect the stars and bring them to our judges, please.

While our judges define the results of the first round, we’ll listen to the wonderful song  ‘Yesterday’( исполняется ученицей 10 класса)

2) The modern life is impossible without knowledge of foreign languages and different cultures. But we have to study not only foreign language but our own culture and history too.

So, the second round is called ‘Famous people from Russia”. Look at the board, please. The table consists of 4 subjects – History, Literature, Science and Art.

You see different number of points and behind them there are several questions. You’ll choose any number and the subject. Then you’ll have to answer the question. For the right answer you’ll get a card with the proper number of points. Let’s start ( вопросы в приложении)

What subject will you choose?

























(за каждый правильный ответ участник получает карточку с определенным числом очков и затем отдаёт жюри для подсчёта)

While the judges count the points , we’ll have a musical pause. Let’s watch an Irish river-dance.(ученицы 11 класса исполняют Ирландский танец)

3) The third round is called “famous people of Britain and the USA” (вопросы в приложении)

The present






























(Участники играют и получают соответствующие карточки с баллами, которые потом относят жюри)

4) The fourth round has the title “tastes differ”. Now ,let’s play with the spectators. You see, I have a magic box. There are some things in it. Your task is to guess who these things might been connected with and explain why they might have belonged to these supposed personalities who lived many years ago.

A Mowgli – Rudyard Kipling

A picture of wax figures – Madam Tussaud’s

A monkey – Charles Darwin

A magnet – Michael Faraday

An apple – Isaac Newton

A picture of Globe theatre – William Shakespeare

The book “Oliver Twist” – Charles Dickens

A beautiful lamp – Florence Nightingale

A telephone – Alexander Bell

A toy car –Henry Ford

A spaceship – Yuri Gagarin

A crown – Elizabeth II

An airplane – brothers Wright

St.Paul’s Cathedral - Christopher Wren

- Now I’d like you to collect the stars and carry them back to the judges and they’ll count  all the points in this round.

5)The fifth round is the Musical Casket. I want you to listen to the extracts of the song or melody and guess it. Please ,name the performer , the group or its country. W continue to play with the spectators .You will also have the stars for the right answers and you’ll have to give them back to our judges.

1. Джо Дассен. Франция.

2. “Yesterday“, Beatles

3. ”Show must go on “F.Mercury “Queen”

4. Indian melody

5. ”I’ll will always love you “ W. Huston

6. Lambada. Brazil.

7. Runba. Cuba.

I ask our respected judges to announce the 3 winners.

6) And at last I want to ask you a witty question(на экране высвечивается вопрос)

What well-known person do you like? Would you like to be like him?

(подготовка 3 минуты и прослушивание монологов учащихся по теме)

4. Подведение итогов игры. And what are the result of our competition? 

Выступление члена жюри  награждение победителей.

5. Заключительное слово ведущего. I hope you’ve got some useful information today. I think you’ll always be so bright and active. I wish you success in studying English. Thank you everybody. Good luck!



Warming up.

General information.

1. What is the official name of Great Britain?

2. What parts does the United Kingdom consist of?

3. What river is the British capital situated on?

4. What is the capital of Scotland?

5. What is the capital of Wales?

6. What is the capital of Northern Ireland?

7. What is the national costume of Scotland?

8. What is Edinburgh famous for?

9. When do English celebrate Christmas?

10. What is the western coast of the British Isles washed by?

11. What channel lies between Britain and the continent of Europe?

12. What are the largest islands of the British Isles?

13. What mountains are there in Wales?

14. What is the highest mountain peak in Britain?

15. What is the longest river in Britain?

16. What is the most famous forest in England?

17. What is Loch Ness famous for?

18. What was built under English channel?

19. What is the London home of the Queen?

20. Where does the Prime Minister of Great Britain live?

21. What is the official name of parliament building?

22. Where are famous people of Great Britain buried?

23. What is the Tower of London now?

24. What birds live in the Tower?

25. What is Big Ben?

26. What is Hyde Park famous for?

27. What is there in the center of Trafalgar Square?

28. What is Madam Tussaud’s famous for?

29. What is Scotland Yard ?

30. What is the hometown of  William Shakespeare?

31. What is Wimbledon associated with?

32. What kind of state is Great Britain?

33. What is the head of the state of Great Britain?

34. Where are laws made in Great Britain?

35. What are the Houses of  Parliament of the British Parliament?

36. Who heads the government of Great Britain?

“Famous People from Russia”

History 1. In 1147 he founded the capital of  Russia (Dolgoruky)

2. Who introduced the three-coloured flag to Russia?( Peter the Great)

3.The Russian army commander led the army in the Russo-Turkish War.He commanded a Russo-Austrian force in Italy in 1799/(Suvorov)

4. He was a general who led the anti-Bolshevik forces during the Russian Civil war and after the 1917 revolution.(Denikin)

5. What marshal in Russia was four times awarded with the title “the Hero of the country”?

Literature 1. He composed his first poem at the age of 8.He created a lot of poems and fairy-tales.(Pushkin)

2. He created short stories for children and novels for adults/His best known work consists of four parts.(Tolstoy)

3. He was born in Moscow, studied several foreign languages .He was sent in the Caucasus and was killed in a duel in 1841.(Lermontov)

4. Which poet wrote a poem about Russian women? (Nekrasov)

5.Name The Russian-born poet who was expelled from Russia, immigrated to the USA and passed away in New York City? (Brodsky)

Science 1. Who made a tour around the Earth that lasted 1 houtr48 minutes?(Gagarin)

2. The greatest Russian scientist and poet. He was born in the Far North. His father was a fisherman/He began to study at 19.(Lomonosov)

3. She was the first woman in space? (Tereshkova)

4. He was the first Russian to visit Africa?(Afanasy  Nikitin)

5. Who was the first Russian settler on the American continent?(Ivan Kuskov)

Arts.1.Russian composer who created “Eugene Onegin”, ”Swan Lake”,” The Nutcracker”.”The Sleeping Beauty”(Tchaikovsky)

2. His famous works are “In the Plain Valley”, ”Pine Forest”, ”Oaks” (Ivan Shishkin)

3. Who was born in Russia and is considered to be the greatest bass singer in the history of operas? ( Shaliapin)

4. He was one of the founders of non-objective art. He was interested in Cubo-Futurism.(Kazimir Malevich)

5. He had an ability of combining satire and lyricism in the same line in his songs.His first collection of poems appeared after he had died.(Vysotsky)

“Famous people of Britain and the USA”

The present. 1. What is the name of the most famous clock in London?Whom is it named after?(Big Ben, After B.Hall)

2. What is the name of the London residence of the Queen Elizabeth II?(Buckingham Palace)

3. Name any member of the Queen’s family.

4. Which of the American presidents are honored on President’s Day? (G.Washington, A.Lincoln)

5. Who is the prime minister if Great Britain today?

History. 1. Who wrote a large part of the Declaration of Independence?( T.Jefferson)

2. It was our Russian newspaper ‘THE Red Star” which gave her the nickname “the iron lady”. Who was this woman and what did she do? (M.Tatcher, the first woman to occupy the position of prime minister)

3. Who tried to blow up Parliament on November 5,1605? (Guy Fawkes)

4. Who made the first American flag& (Betsy Ross)

5. Who was known as ‘The lady of the lamp”? (Florence Nightingale is famous for her caring and nursing of soldiers in the Crimean War)

Literature.1. He was born in Scotland .He wrote folk-songs , writing words foe many melodies. He wrote “My heart’s in the Highlands”( Robert Burns)

2. She was regarded as the queen of mystery writers , one of the world’s best-selling authors. She wrote 78 crime novels (A.Christie)

3. He studied medicine , then he devoted all his time to writing detectives. His first story was “A Study in Scarlet” (Arthur Conan Doyle)

4. British novelist. He won literary success with “The Time Machine” , “The Invisible Man” and other science-fiction stories.(Herbert Wells)

5. He won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1954.He was a hunter, a fisherman , a boxer , a soldier and an author .He wrote “The old man and the sea”(Hemingway)

Science. 1. He was  born in 1847 in Scotland.He invented the telephone (Bell)

2. He succeeded in building an automobile powered by a gasoline engine.He established the Motor Company in the USA. (Henry Ford)

3. Who invented  coca-cola in Atlanta? (Pemberton)

4. He was born in Germany ,then became a Swiss citizen and later took American citizenship. He was the author of the Theory of  Relativity .(Albert Einstein)

5. What’s the name of a famous scientist who discovered laws of electricity? He built the first generator.(Faraday)

Arts.1. The surname of a Hollywood comedian with a small moustache ,a bowler hat  and an umbrella who played in a lot of silent films.( Chaplin)

2. He was a singer and trumpet player in New Orleans, he was known as “the King of Jazz” (L.Armstrong)

3. Which American rock-n-roll star lived in Memphis ,Tennessee? (Presley)

4. In 1960s they became internationally famous. They had a lot of hit-records in Liverpool. Name the musical group.(The Beatles)

5. She was born in Australia .At first she appeared on the stage with her sister Deny. At that time nobody thought that she would be better than Madonna. Now she is a very popular singer and a favorite pop-star. (Minougue)

.   .   .   .   .   .   .

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